Game Time: What Bryan Colangelo Looks For in a Watch

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Paul Koziorowski

As General Manager of the Toronto Raptors, Bryan Colangelo has made a name for himself both for his leadership and his distinctive personal style. While he’s known for his love of bespoke suits and Italian shoes, Colangelo also appreciates the merits of a fine watch. Time&Style chatted with him about some of his favourites, and what he looks for in a timepiece.

Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo lives in a world where the clock is always ticking—particularly in overtime during the playoffs. Watches, on the other hand, induce less pressure. “Time is essential, watches aren’t,” he says. “We have countless options these days to make sure we get to places when we need to be there. Watches are more an expression of personal interest, style and taste.”

Although Colangelo hesitates to call himself a connoisseur, he admits, “I do enjoy a nice watch.” So much so that when he met Vincent Perriard, president of Concord watch, last year, their mutual love of timepieces led to a collaboration on a watch to benefit the Toronto Raptors Foundation, which supports programs and sports initiatives for kids. The result was a Concord C1 GMT affectionately nicknamed “the Toronto Black.” Colangelo wanted something that would be specific to Toronto and match the Raptors jersey. Red highlights on the dial represent all things Canadian.

Colangelo’s courtside style has been noted as well, as has his ability to turn the Raptors around since taking over in 2006. In addition to his penchant for custom-made Italian shirts and something of a shoe fetish, Colangelo says, “Over the years I’ve been fortunate to acquire a few nice watches. My favourites have to be a Rolex Daytona (steel with black dial) for dressy occasions and the Concord Toronto Black GMT as more of a sport watch. I really like classic and masculine designs, which I hope complement my personal style…but unfortunately I’m not the one judging always.” That said, he admits a nice watch does get noticed. “People make remarks all the time, and I’m guessing they are mostly watch lovers. For some reason, guys just love watches.”

So, what’s Colangelo’s criteria for buying a watch? “For me, ‘status’ is irrelevant when choosing a timepiece, as I have always based my purchases on personal preference, quality watchmaking and sustained value.” Next on his list of acquisitions? “I’m not looking for anything at the moment, but watch out for Technomarine, as Vincent Perriard [former president of Concord] recently changed shops. The guy is brilliant and will have some fun at a new price point.”