Richard Mille at SIHH

by Time&Style Staff

Richard Mille unveiled six new pieces at SIHH in Geneva last week.  Those familiar with his craftsmanship will not be disappointed.  His distinct style shines through with some re-imagined adjustments.

The RM 030 employs technology that has been developed and researched over four year in the winding mechanism that prevents overwinding.  Overwinding can damage a timepiece and traditionally is prevented by a sliding flange that allows the spring to slip once wound.  Over time debris builds up that can erode the mechanism.  The RM 030 features a declutching rotor that disengages the winding barrel automatically after winding.

Richard Mille’s collection also includes the RM 038 that uses a magnesium aluminum casing, the RM 029 that has an oversize date, and the RM 017 which features an ultra-thin rectangular case.