Bell & Ross’ New Website!

by Time&Style Staff

Race-car drivers, pilots, bomb-disposal experts. These are just some of the regular customers that watchmakers Bell & Ross serve. But you don’t have to be travelling faster than the speed of sound or know the difference between the red and blue wires to use these high-performance accessories. In fact, the company offers a wide assortment of watches for every type of man, from astronaut to average joe. Continuing their reputation as online pioneers (they were the first to develop an online presence and e-commerce site for watches), Bell & Ross have debuted a new website that is equal parts visually stunning and user-friendly. With a goal to aid timepiece enthusiasts with a unique online experience and showcase their latest offerings, the new site greets visitors with a sleek interface that shows individuals the watches represent more than mere wrist accessories, but rather, a lifestyle. Bell & Ross offer three different collections (VINTAGE, AVIATION, MARINE), all of which are currently available for viewing through a floating mosaic, placed for user ease. Take a look at their site HERE!