TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

by Time&Style Staff

Luxury watch-makers, Tag Heuer, have recently decided to diversify by coming out with their very own phone. The TAG Heuer Link Smartphone comes wrapped nicely in your choice of rubber, alligator, or leather trim, complete with either a steel, 18k rose gold, or titanium casing. And with a price point of roughly $6,800, the company assures that the phone is just as durable as it is luxurious, with a water-tight, fully air-sealed, shock-resistant body and a screen made of Gorilla Glass. The phone also comes with an Android operating system for you tech-particular enthusiasts out there. With all the animal references, one cannot help but associate a sense of exoticism and luxury with this phone, making it the perfect gadget for those searching for a unique and exclusive accessory. Welcome to the Jungle!