Ulysse Nardin Chairman luxury smartphone

by Time&Style Staff

Swiss brand Ulysse Nardin are historically known for their nautical chronometers, and they have carried over that level of precision into the modern era. The Chairman, a watch-smartphone hybrid, is in the pre-order stage. The main feature of the phone is an operational mechanical watch rotor, which gives extra power to the battery in the same way that kinetic watches draw power. Coming in 12 different versions, the phones feature 32GB of memory, touchscreens that include thumb print recognition, and are constructed with over 300 parts. A docking station, made out of lacquered wood, is included. Only 1846 pieces of each of the 12 models will be made. So we recommend ordering one soon if you want to settle the debate between your friends over who has the best phone.

$12,800 - $49,500 : Buy