De Bethune DB25 – Only Watch Special Edition

by Time&Style Staff

Once every two years, dozens of watchmakers gather in Monaco to raise funds to fight Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Through an auction, they sell limited editions of newly designed models, or reimagined versions of their regular collections. The Swiss watchmaker De Bethune is one of 40 brands taking part this year. Their contribution to the auction is a redesign of their DB25, but side by side, they’re completely different. Instead of by the usual hands, time is displayed by rotating through a window at the bottom of the dial. The rest of the face portrays the sky of the night of January 8th 1297, when the Palace of Monaco was seized by Francois Grimaldi – a hero in Monaco (and apparent early day James Bond) who captured the fortress while disguised as a monk. One for the history buffs, or those who enjoy counting stars or dressing as a monk, this model is limited to 50 pieces.

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