Maurice de Mauriac Le Mans Series Automatic

by Time&Style Staff

There’s something about Maurice de Mauriac. And it isn’t just the brand’s unique watches, modern yet classic displays or their use of colour. The watchmaker’s have just unveiled their latest, available in your choice of a 39 mm, 42 mm or 45 mm diameter in a satin finished stainless steel case, the new Le Mans Series Automatic. Powered by a reliable automatic Swiss ETA calibre with a top grade finish (visible through clear caseback).

The dial features a Le Mans inspired racing stripe with a customizable number, from 1-99. You know, a birth date, wedding date, discovery of manhood date, you name it. Suddenly your timepiece is that much more sentimental, and will have her asking, what’s your number?

Complete with a matching red, white and blue (washable) NATO strap, you’ve got the new Le Mans Series Automatic, perfect for a casual night out (and an icebreaker).

$1900 : Buy