Armin Strom Showcases Tourbillon Timepieces

by Time&Style Staff

Initially invented in the late 1700s to counter the effect of gravity on a timepiece (when it is stuck in one position) the inclusion of a tourbillon in today’s watchmaking world is more a sign of virtue than anything.

Armin Strom is currently touring the world, showcasing their latest products, the ATC11, along with other uniquely outstanding timepieces.  The tourbillon, made in house at Armin Strom, fits perfectly with the company’s MO: a small, intricate, yet clearly visible inner working of the watch appearing as an elegant feature.

The world tour’s theme is anchored in the elements; there are four timepieces representing the four elements.  Earth was unveiled among the foothills of the Bernese Alps, Fire will enter the scene under the hot sun in Dubai, Air will be revealed amidst the skyscrapers of Singapore, and Water will be introduced in Los Angeles, along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.