The Gagarin Tourbillion

by Time&Style Staff

Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first man to successfully orbit the Earth on April 12th 1961. Inspired by his momentous aeronautical accomplishment, watchmaker Bernhard Lederer has developed a truly striking commemorative timepiece: the Gagarin Tourbillion.


The centerpiece of this ultra-luxury timepiece is a rotating tourbillion that encircles an inset image of the globe. The tourbillion, of course, being the essential complication for combating the effects of gravity—meaning that this watch could brave the conditions of space on it’s own. An attached magnifying glass ensured that not a single detail on the striking watch face is missed.


Gagarin famously spoke out about the Cold War era he lived in, calling for the preservation of our beautiful planet. Surely, such a striking timepiece is fitting for a man with such a legacy.