Gc Watches Embraces the Spirit of Panama

by Time&Style Staff


Unlikely as it may seem, the Panamanian Bobsled Team will be competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics Qualification here in Canada. The South American athletes are led by Chris Zollinger, a Swiss-born lawyer who lived in Panama for 18 years before moving back to Switzerland to switch careers.

Zollinger’s love of winter sports compelled him to coach a team of Panamanians who had previously never seen snow, let alone competed on it. The campaign to develop a worthy team took just three years, with the Panamanian squad flying to the United States so that they could train on snow for the very first time.

The ambition shown by Zollinger and his team is directly in-line with the brand ethos of Gc Watches and its founder Paul Marciano. Well-known for co-founding Guess? Inc., Marciano’s own strong ambition birthed Gc in 1997, a brand that features a Swiss precision movement in every one of its timepieces.

Panama’s bobsled team will sport Gc timepieces as they qualify for entrance to the Winter Olympics in 2014. The young athletes are indicative of Gc’s clientele; ambitious young success stories, many of whom are featured on the brand website.

“The whole ‘Spirit of Panama Team’ is very excited with the partnership we have entered with Gc Watches,” commented Zollinger. “Not only do we have in common that time is of essence for both parties, we also decided to realize our dream”.