Bell & Ross

Metallic Watches

by Time&Style Staff


The gold standard in watches isn’t always necessarily gold.  more…

Bell & Ross Unveils the BR03-51 GMT CARBON

by Time&Style Staff
BR03-51 GMT Carbon 2
Known for their range of rugged timepieces, Bell & Ross has always used the plane as a source of inspiration when it comes to aesthetic and design. Since their start, this has nurtured the development of their collections based on two things: AVIATION, through the use of aeronautical instrumentation, and VINTAGE, a collection of pilots’ watches that represent major eras in the history of aviation. more…

How to Choose Your Next Watch

by Ariel Adams

When selecting a timepiece, there are no shortage of appealing shapes and sizes to choose from. Your suit and shoes don’t do enough to tell people who you are. A man is framed by what he wears—and your style can begin or end on your wrist. A watch resides on your arm as a beacon of taste, personality, and of course success. A timepiece can communicate who you are or merely accent what you already project. Choose a watch with the right shape to fit the man you are (or want to be).

Geometeric Watches


Sitting between square and circle, the geometric case is one of the most “alternative” watch shapes you can find, available as octagons, decagons, or other shapes that eschew the notion of “round.” These are best matched with all manners of non-conservative dress for the design lover. Try one with a strap for formal attire and a bracelet for more casual outfits.

Bulgari Octo Automatic, $9,500 at Bandiera Jewelers; Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chronograph, $4,625; Concord C1 Grande date, $7,900; GC-3 Automatic, $1,250.


The Bell & Ross Bro1 Horizon

by Carol Besler

The Bell & Ross BR 01 Horizon, in PVD-coated stainless steel, with photo luminescent coating on indices and numerals. In keeping with its name, grey represents the sky, and black represents earth. It contains an automatic movement and is water-resistant to 100 metres.

$5,000 : Buy

Bell & Ross Military Ceramic Watch

by Time&Style Staff

We’ve got this feature on monochrome timepieces (which happen to be big right now) in our upcoming April issue, so when we happened upon this Bell & Ross Military Ceramic Watch ($4,500) we had to show you. We’ve got a self-winding movement, high-precision adjustment in four positions, and a power reserve of 40 hours—all trimmings you’d expect from the luxury brand, but there’s something to be said about a subtly handsome design; it’s also got a sleek, matte khaki ceramic case and a black dial with photo-luminescent numerals, hands and index. The perfect anchor for your new checked blazer and coloured chinos.

Bell & Ross’ New Website!

by Time&Style Staff

Race-car drivers, pilots, bomb-disposal experts. These are just some of the regular customers that watchmakers Bell & Ross serve. But you don’t have to be travelling faster than the speed of sound or know the difference between the red and blue wires to use these high-performance accessories. In fact, the company offers a wide assortment of watches for every type of man, from astronaut to average joe. Continuing their reputation as online pioneers (they were the first to develop an online presence and e-commerce site for watches), Bell & Ross have debuted a new website that is equal parts visually stunning and user-friendly. With a goal to aid timepiece enthusiasts with a unique online experience and showcase their latest offerings, the new site greets visitors with a sleek interface that shows individuals the watches represent more than mere wrist accessories, but rather, a lifestyle. Bell & Ross offer three different collections (VINTAGE, AVIATION, MARINE), all of which are currently available for viewing through a floating mosaic, placed for user ease. Take a look at their site HERE!

BR 01-92 RADAR Limited edition of 500 pieces Inspired by an aircraft navigation toool

by Time&Style Staff

True to the Bell & Ross philosophy, the BR 01 RADAR watch is inspired by aircraft cockpits, where each instrument is a reference point in terms of legibility, reliability and performance. An aircraft’s radar allows easy, accurate and instantaneous reading of what is often a complex situation. Bell & Ross has borrowed the radar display and adapted it to the BR 01 RADAR watch, going beyond the concept of the traditional reading of the time.


The Essential Watch Wardrobe

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Robert Watson

You already know about Charvet shirts, you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the right shoes to go with a tux, and you know better than to wear a ski jacket with a suit or to tuck a man bag under your arm. But unless you have three different watches—or more specifically, at least one watch from each of three different categories—you cannot be said to have yet mastered the art of the wardrobe. Allow us to make a few suggestions to set you on the path to full sartorial enlightenment, or at least get you to dinner on time.