Blancpain Fifty Fathoms ‘Tribute to Fifty Fathoms Aqua Lung’

by Time&Style Staff

After last year’s update of their Fifty Fathoms model with the Fifty Fathoms ‘Tribute to Fifty Fathoms’, Swiss watchmaker Blancpain  are releasing an updated version of their iconic Aqua Lung. The equally-awkwardly named Fifty Fathoms ‘Tribute to Fifty Fathoms Aqua Lung’ includes a simplified bezel, a subtly textured black face, and a larger case. Also incorporated into the redesign is a new strap with circular holes, which is reminiscent of the original 1950s Aqua Lung design. Though pricey, the model is worth consideration, though consider quickly – the tribute model is limited to 500 pieces.

19,481 CAD : Buy

The Essential Watch Wardrobe

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Robert Watson

You already know about Charvet shirts, you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the right shoes to go with a tux, and you know better than to wear a ski jacket with a suit or to tuck a man bag under your arm. But unless you have three different watches—or more specifically, at least one watch from each of three different categories—you cannot be said to have yet mastered the art of the wardrobe. Allow us to make a few suggestions to set you on the path to full sartorial enlightenment, or at least get you to dinner on time.