Metallic Watches

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How to Choose Your Next Watch

by Ariel Adams

When selecting a timepiece, there are no shortage of appealing shapes and sizes to choose from. Your suit and shoes don’t do enough to tell people who you are. A man is framed by what he wears—and your style can begin or end on your wrist. A watch resides on your arm as a beacon of taste, personality, and of course success. A timepiece can communicate who you are or merely accent what you already project. Choose a watch with the right shape to fit the man you are (or want to be).

Geometeric Watches


Sitting between square and circle, the geometric case is one of the most “alternative” watch shapes you can find, available as octagons, decagons, or other shapes that eschew the notion of “round.” These are best matched with all manners of non-conservative dress for the design lover. Try one with a strap for formal attire and a bracelet for more casual outfits.

Bulgari Octo Automatic, $9,500 at Bandiera Jewelers; Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chronograph, $4,625; Concord C1 Grande date, $7,900; GC-3 Automatic, $1,250.


Concord C2 Chronograph Black & White

by Time&Style Staff

The C2 Chronograph Black & White models feature 43 mm cases tastefully set with either white or black diamonds, symbolizing cosmic forces like good and evil or yin and yang. Both timepiece’s cases are made of steel and feature a handsome alligator skin strap fitted with lug-free attachments, complimenting each watch’s primary shade. Beating beneath either watch’s gleaming face is a 37-jewel movement working at 28,000 vibrations per hour. Above, the dial indications feature central hour, minute and sweep seconds hands, along with chronograph counters.

Watches from Sharp’s Book for Men Launch Party

by Time&Style Staff

Sharp magazine’s Book for Men launch party featured a dedicated space displaying some exquisite timepieces. Party-goers were free to try watches from the likes of Zenith, Bvlgari, Ulysses Nardin and Concord.

Head to to preview the Book and order a copy.

Images courtesy of Paul Koziorowski

Concord C1 Haute Joaillerie Chronographe Baguette

by Time&Style Staff

This 16.4-carat timepiece from the Swiss watchmaker boasts a total of 208 baguette-cut diamonds, with 32 of those on the dial alone. The white gold case, set with 62 of the diamonds adds a shimmering decor to the outer sides of the watch, as the sapphire crystal glass encases the expected look of a Concord face. An 18K white gold folding clasp fastens the end of the black vulcanized rubber strap, completing the illustrious look of the watch. Available by special order only.

$495,000 : Buy

Concord C1 EternalGravity

by Time&Style Staff

This watch embodies luxury to nth degree. Featuring 403 invisibly set gems for 25.31 carats, the 38-jewel hand-wound timepiece looks nothing short of complete regality. It oscillates at 21,600 vibrations per hour, which can be seen through the transparent back. The case itself is 18-carat white gold set with 227 baguette-cut diamonds, at 20.17 carats. Also boasting a glare-proofed sapphire crystal cover, the sides are mounted with 18-carat white gold crown, set with 26 more baguette-cut diamonds. 100 more of the same diamonds outlay the dial, for an additional 1.4 carats, while 1.88 carats are found n the 34 carnelians also on the watch face. Even the usual black leather alligator strap has an 18-carat white gold folding clasp. It should come as no surprise: This is limited to just one piece worldwide.

$1,200,000 : Buy

Concord C1 Heart2Heart Ronny Turiaf

by Time&Style Staff

Dedicated to French NBA Star Ronny Turiaf who underwent open-heart surgery at age 22, this timepiece is a celebration of champions, coupling quality athletic performance with a sleek, sporty design. In support of Turiaf’s Heart to Heart Foundation with a portion of the sales profits, the Heart2Heart brings another elegant watch into the Concord family. Both front and back are fitted with sapphire crystal, allowing for an interesting look at the internal intricacies. Densely black, the interior of the watch is highlighted with sparing blood-red accents. Add on the rubber-coated alligator leather strap and Turiaf’s signature on the backplate, and you have a true champion of a watch. Limited to 25 pieces.

$15,500 : Buy

Concord C1 Tech

by Time&Style Staff

Taking advantage of a new structure, Concord presents its C1 Tech by showing off the geometric order of its meticulous design. With four different time indications seemingly arranged in quadrants – dates facing seconds and a 12-hour clock facing a 30-minute timer – the rose gold-outlined dial is accentuated by it’s black surface and blue undertones. The display is cased behind glareproof sapphire crystal and PVD-treated stainless steel, all surrounded by 18-carat rose gold, for a high-security framework. Strap one on with the black rubberized alligator band sometime this fall.

$19,900 : Buy

Concord C1 Vintage

by Time&Style Staff

Keeping true to its name, the Concord C1 Vintage uses a combination of seemingly opposing features to capture a unique and incredible look. The Vintage stays with Concord’s signature internal structure and rubber-clad ring surrounding the case middle, all while being held in a blue PVD case that has been given the worn look. The blue leather strap has been matched with the look of the case, and a PVD-treated black buckle is added for a welcome juxtaposition. With a careful balance of past and present, the Vintage creates “a resolutely offbeat vision of time.” Limited to 25 pieces.

$14,500 : Buy

Concord C1 Code Chronograph

by Time&Style Staff

The new Concord C1 Code Chronograph is designed to show off the intricacy of the mathematics of such a timepiece. Displaying the algebraic formulas for various parts of the watch right on the face, the mad scientist in anyone can certainly appreciate a rare look at watchmaking math. Case diameter and thickness, number of side screws, dimensions of the sapphire crystal are just a few of the formulas one can find etched into the underside of the crystal faceplate. A truly unique piece, as only 25 are being produced. Should be available any day now.

$15,000 : Buy