Hamilton Khaki X-Wind

by Time&Style Staff


Producing coveted timepieces for over a century, Hamilton Watch Company has unveiled their latest treasure: the limited edition Khaki X-Wind. The stainless steel chronograph’s ultimate feature? A drift angle calculator. Derived from an aircraft cockpit, the tool measures the degrees between the front of the plane and the actual track enabling pilots to account for path deviation due to outside elements, such as wind. more…

Hamilton Khaki UTC

by Time&Style Staff

This one’s for all you historians out there. Ever crave a spot of time travel back to the 1940’s? Well, if we’re being honest, we can’t quite grant you the luxury of time travel, but we can take you pretty damn close. Or at least Hamilton can.

With their new Khaki UTC, Hamilton uses inspiration garnered from their original 1940’s models, back when the watchmakers were cooking up navigational instruments in the form of marine chronometers. The Khaki UTC is a tribute to the original tools, with GMT function, a throwback to the chronometers and their integrated sidereal time (measured time relative to the motion of the stars around the earth, as opposed to that of the sun). From a yellow “old paper” dial colour, or leather resembling craftsmen aprons of yore, the Khaki UTC takes you back – but with a modern twist.

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The Essential Watch Wardrobe

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Robert Watson

You already know about Charvet shirts, you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the right shoes to go with a tux, and you know better than to wear a ski jacket with a suit or to tuck a man bag under your arm. But unless you have three different watches—or more specifically, at least one watch from each of three different categories—you cannot be said to have yet mastered the art of the wardrobe. Allow us to make a few suggestions to set you on the path to full sartorial enlightenment, or at least get you to dinner on time.