Logical One

Romain Gauthier wins the Men’s Complication in Geneva

by Time&Style Staff


Born in 1975 in Le Sentier, Switzerland, Romain Gauthier is a living legend in the realm of haute horlogerie. Through his firm, Montres Romain Gauthier, the inspired Swiss watchmaker launched his brand in 2006 with the Prestige HM. The Prestige HMS followed in 2010 and 2013 marks the year of Logical One. more…

Romain Gauthier: Logical One

by Time&Style Staff

Logical One features a triple patent-pending Romain Gauthier flat chain-and-fuse style constant force system with ruby chain links, ergonomic push button winding system, dial-side visible balance, mainspring barrel with sapphire inserts, plus a 60-hour power reserve indicator.

‘Coming from an engineering background, it appeared strange to have a high precision machine forced to run at varying power levels. So I started with the premise that it would be better to have constant energy.’  Romain Gauthier


Constant force is one of the holy grails of horology. With Logical One, Romain Gauthier has reinvented the chain-and-fusee − one of the oldest and most traditional methods of supplying constant force to a watch/clock movement − making it both more reliable, more effective . . . and more constant, by replacing the fusee with a slowly rotating snail cam and ruby-link chain.


The movement for Logical One was entirely conceived, developed, designed, produced, decorated, assembled and regulated by Manufacture Romain Gauthier. Highly polished sharp internal bevelled angles in the movement plates and bridges are the hallmark of superlative hand finishing because, to date, machines are not capable of milling and polishing sharp internal bevels.  With Logical One, Romain Gauthier has gone a step further still in creating double-angle bevels with sharp internal angles, which give the effect of border.

This distinctive eye-catching hand finish, created by using a two parallel bevels, has a similar effect to that of a frame around a beautiful painting, in that the frame highlights the artwork within.