Longines Novelties 2014 Timepieces

by Time&Style Staff


Longines, the Swiss watchmaking masters based in Saint-Imier since 1832, present five new watch collections, which the company will unveil at Baselworld 2014.

The new collections include:   more…

7 Days, 7 Watches

by Time&Style Staff


Like a pair of investment shoes, you might want to consider switching up your timepieces to keep them fresh and healthy. Spruce up your wrist game with these handsome watches. more…

Iconic Timepieces

by Time&Style Staff

IconicThe watches in this feature have two things in common: they are iconic models from top brands and are reasonably likely to become collector’s items. Some are reproductions of vintage models while others are updated icons with improved engineering and new materials. Donning any one of them will identify you as a connoisseur of fine timepieces. more…

How to Choose Your Next Watch

by Ariel Adams

When selecting a timepiece, there are no shortage of appealing shapes and sizes to choose from. Your suit and shoes don’t do enough to tell people who you are. A man is framed by what he wears—and your style can begin or end on your wrist. A watch resides on your arm as a beacon of taste, personality, and of course success. A timepiece can communicate who you are or merely accent what you already project. Choose a watch with the right shape to fit the man you are (or want to be).

Geometeric Watches


Sitting between square and circle, the geometric case is one of the most “alternative” watch shapes you can find, available as octagons, decagons, or other shapes that eschew the notion of “round.” These are best matched with all manners of non-conservative dress for the design lover. Try one with a strap for formal attire and a bracelet for more casual outfits.

Bulgari Octo Automatic, $9,500 at Bandiera Jewelers; Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chronograph, $4,625; Concord C1 Grande date, $7,900; GC-3 Automatic, $1,250.


Simon Baker for Longines

by Time&Style Staff

Simon Baker is the epitome of elegance in the new Longines advertising campaign. Longines presents ‘The Longines Master Collection Moon Phases.”

Talented Australian actor, Baker,  is a perfect ambassador for the luxurious watchmaker. Pictured in the advertisement in a three-piece suit and city apartment, the Longines Master Collection Moon Phases timepiece on Baker’s wrist adds refinement to the scene. Along with Baker’s charm, this campaign represents the essence of the company.

Simon Baker defines his idea of elegance by stating that, “Longines’ motto “Elegance is an Attitude” is a way of being – the way you carry yourself and the perception you give off. For me, elegance means being self-confident, being able to feel comfortable in all situations and always being true to yourself. Elegance involves staying curious, keeping one’s self control and above all enjoying life!”

The new watch features a self-winding caliber, has a 42mm diameter, as well as a brown alligator strap, and is subtly decorated with a fine barleycom motif.

Watch the Simon Baker for Longines, here.

Longines Twenty-Four Hours – The Watch used by Swissair Navigators

by Time&Style Staff

Swiss watchmaker, Longines, has re-released a classic timepiece that was initially issued only to Swissair navigators in the 1950s, the Longines Twenty-Four Hours, which as the name implies is a 24-hour watch.

Originally, the watch compensated for periods of time where navigators would be unable to gauge the time of day accurately while changing time zones.

The Longines Twenty-Four Hour is being released for historical and functional purposes with engraving on the inside of the cover, “Re-Edition of a Longines navigation watch exclusively made for Swissair navigators, 1953-1956.”  This timepiece is an elegant and unique piece of craftsmanship and history.

$TBA : Buy

The Longines Master Collection Retrograde

by Time&Style Staff

In order to honour its 175 years of history, Longines has imagined a timepiece bearing witness to its rich horological heritage and constant striving for elegance: The Longines Master Collection Retrograde. This new watch, enclosing a new automatic mechanical calibre developed especially for Longines, becomes the flagship model of a collection devoted to highlighting the horological traditions of the brand.


$5,600 : Buy

The Essential Watch Wardrobe

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Robert Watson

You already know about Charvet shirts, you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the right shoes to go with a tux, and you know better than to wear a ski jacket with a suit or to tuck a man bag under your arm. But unless you have three different watches—or more specifically, at least one watch from each of three different categories—you cannot be said to have yet mastered the art of the wardrobe. Allow us to make a few suggestions to set you on the path to full sartorial enlightenment, or at least get you to dinner on time.


Longines is re-issuing a timepiece that was specially designed for Charles Lindbergh

by Time&Style Staff

In 1933 the American aviator Charles Lindbergh set off with his wife on a trip of 47,000 km around the North Atlantic. Having achieved a remarkable technical and human feat in being the first man to fly non-stop across the North Atlantic in his Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh wanted to explore possible future air routes across the far north before returning to the USA via Cape Verde and Brazil. The equipment Lindbergh took with him on his long expedition included a wrist chronograph created specially by Longines for this very purpose. Today Longines is re-issuing this exceptional timepiece, known as the Longines Lindbergh’s Atlantic Voyage Watch, as a tribute to the historical feat achieved by this pioneer of the skies.


Longines PrimaLuna: a new star in the Longines galaxy

by Time&Style Staff

A silvery moon on a spring night; a star that glistens reaches its peak and then disappears. A symbol of passing time, living time and the moon that entrances us with its rounded, delicate lines the new Longines PrimaLuna is a tribute to this silvery star. Its soft silhouette is enhanced by the exquisite purity of the dial and the whole is illuminated by a play of sparkling diamonds. Graceful, magical, this is a model that will seduce women who appreciate contemporary, sophisticated elegance.


$1,200 : Buy