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Metallic Watches

by Time&Style Staff


The gold standard in watches isn’t always necessarily gold.  more…

Iconic Timepieces

by Time&Style Staff

IconicThe watches in this feature have two things in common: they are iconic models from top brands and are reasonably likely to become collector’s items. Some are reproductions of vintage models while others are updated icons with improved engineering and new materials. Donning any one of them will identify you as a connoisseur of fine timepieces. more…

How to Choose Your Next Watch

by Ariel Adams

When selecting a timepiece, there are no shortage of appealing shapes and sizes to choose from. Your suit and shoes don’t do enough to tell people who you are. A man is framed by what he wears—and your style can begin or end on your wrist. A watch resides on your arm as a beacon of taste, personality, and of course success. A timepiece can communicate who you are or merely accent what you already project. Choose a watch with the right shape to fit the man you are (or want to be).

Geometeric Watches


Sitting between square and circle, the geometric case is one of the most “alternative” watch shapes you can find, available as octagons, decagons, or other shapes that eschew the notion of “round.” These are best matched with all manners of non-conservative dress for the design lover. Try one with a strap for formal attire and a bracelet for more casual outfits.

Bulgari Octo Automatic, $9,500 at Bandiera Jewelers; Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chronograph, $4,625; Concord C1 Grande date, $7,900; GC-3 Automatic, $1,250.


TAG Heuer Calibre 12

by Carol Besler

The small-second and minute counters on the TAG Heuer Calibre 12 are uniquely square. The automatic movement powers a chronograph function that times intervals to 1/8th of a second. It is also water-resistant to 100 metres.

$5,900 : Buy

TAG Heuer Link Smartphone

by Time&Style Staff

Luxury watch-makers, Tag Heuer, have recently decided to diversify by coming out with their very own phone. The TAG Heuer Link Smartphone comes wrapped nicely in your choice of rubber, alligator, or leather trim, complete with either a steel, 18k rose gold, or titanium casing. And with a price point of roughly $6,800, the company assures that the phone is just as durable as it is luxurious, with a water-tight, fully air-sealed, shock-resistant body and a screen made of Gorilla Glass. The phone also comes with an Android operating system for you tech-particular enthusiasts out there. With all the animal references, one cannot help but associate a sense of exoticism and luxury with this phone, making it the perfect gadget for those searching for a unique and exclusive accessory. Welcome to the Jungle!

TAG Heuer Introduces the Carrera Mikrograph 1/100th Second Chronograph

by Time&Style Staff

With 150 years of watch-making experience, TAG Heuer has announced the Carrera Mikrograph 1/100th Second Chronograph.  Drawing on a patent by Heuer in 1916, the watch uses a piece of historical technology that had once been the official timekeeper of the Olympics.  Prior to Heuer’s patent, timepieces could only accurately measure to the nearest 1/5th of a second.

The Mikrograph uses a dual-control system that allows the stopwatch to function without interfering with the watch functions.  Its 1/100th of a second hand rotates at an astounding one revolution per second.  It also features a chronograph minute counter at 3 o’ clock, a seconds counter at 6 o’ clock, and a permanent second hand at 9 o’clock.

The Carrera Mikrograph is a very impressive timepiece by TAG Heuer and is limited to a production of only 150 worldwide.

$50,000 : Buy

TAG Heuer Meridiist GMT

by Time&Style Staff

Accompanying the Tesla Roadster on its globe-spanning Odyssey of Pioneers tour is the new Meridiist GMT communication instrument from Tag Heuer. Available in stainless steel or black PVD, this luxury phone sports 60.5-carat sapphire glass in its two LCD screens and is powered by high-performance software that allows for significantly improved performance and interface. In addition to features like a 2-megapixel camera, built-in modem and Bluetooth, the Meridiist offers a GMT ‘Master Time’ app, which can track two timezones simultaneously while also managing zone perimeters. Available in July.

TBA : Buy

The Essential Watch Wardrobe

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Robert Watson

You already know about Charvet shirts, you’ve gone to the trouble of finding the right shoes to go with a tux, and you know better than to wear a ski jacket with a suit or to tuck a man bag under your arm. But unless you have three different watches—or more specifically, at least one watch from each of three different categories—you cannot be said to have yet mastered the art of the wardrobe. Allow us to make a few suggestions to set you on the path to full sartorial enlightenment, or at least get you to dinner on time.