URWERK Presents EMC, the World’s First Mechanical Watch with “Artificial Intelligence”

by Time&Style Staff

Urwerk 2

The first mechanical watch with “artificial intelligence”, URWERK has unveiled its highly anticipated EMC watch. When it comes to the precision timepiece, there exists certain criteria to ensure quality and accuracy. One such factor is the reliability and longevity of its base movement, including accuracy in 5 positions between -4 seconds and +6 seconds over 24 hours. However, due to real-world conditions that involve changes in position, temperature and shocks, regulation can be hard to monitor for wrist watches.

Hot Superwatches

by Time&Style Staff

SPW-1-textIt is no overstatement to suggest that what you are about to view is one of the greatest collections of superwatches ever assembled for a single photo shoot. Getting them all in the same room was the equivalent of a sports lover being invited to kick back with Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher and Tom Brady. Each of these timepieces possesses all the qualities of a top athlete: speed, endurance, power and great engineering. more…

New Project by MB&F and URWERK: C3H5N3O9, Nitro

by Time&Style Staff

MB&F and URWERK have broken new horological ground with their exciting project called C3H5N3O9, also known as Nitro.

Nitro was created by Maximilian Büsser
 and Serge Kriknoff in a genius collaboration with experimental clock workers Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei.

The first product within the Nitro project is ZRO12, a limited edition 12-piece zirconium watch featuring a Wankel engine inspired display. The movement was designed by Baumgartner and Frei, the piece constructed by Cyrano Devanthey, and the design by Büsser along with Eric Giroud.

Model ZRO12 displays the hours, minutes and seconds on individual, layered, triangular rotors, all inspired by the Wankel engine design.

This large face, but light weight piece sits comfortably on all wrist sizes and displays the amazing results of this unique collaborative project between MB&F and URWERK.