7 Days, 7 Watches

by Time&Style Staff


Like a pair of investment shoes, you might want to consider switching up your timepieces to keep them fresh and healthy. Spruce up your wrist game with these handsome watches. more…

How to Choose Your Next Watch

by Ariel Adams

When selecting a timepiece, there are no shortage of appealing shapes and sizes to choose from. Your suit and shoes don’t do enough to tell people who you are. A man is framed by what he wears—and your style can begin or end on your wrist. A watch resides on your arm as a beacon of taste, personality, and of course success. A timepiece can communicate who you are or merely accent what you already project. Choose a watch with the right shape to fit the man you are (or want to be).

Geometeric Watches


Sitting between square and circle, the geometric case is one of the most “alternative” watch shapes you can find, available as octagons, decagons, or other shapes that eschew the notion of “round.” These are best matched with all manners of non-conservative dress for the design lover. Try one with a strap for formal attire and a bracelet for more casual outfits.

Bulgari Octo Automatic, $9,500 at Bandiera Jewelers; Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chronograph, $4,625; Concord C1 Grande date, $7,900; GC-3 Automatic, $1,250.


About Zenith

by Carol Besler

Zenith Watch company was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1865 by watchmaker George Favre-Jacot. It was renamed Zenith in 1911 after the highest point of the path of a star, hence the brand logo. The brand’s accomplishments include creating the world’s first pocket chronograph in 1899; a first prize for watchmaking innovation at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900; the launch of the legendary caliber 135 in 1948, for which the brand claimed several prizes in the Swiss Observatory chronometry competition; the invention of the El Primero, the world’s most precise series-produced movement in 1969, used by several famous brands, including Rolex and Panerai; and the launch of the El Primero Striking 10th, the calibre that measures and displays 1/10th of a second. In 2000, Zenith was acquired by the LVMH Group.

Watches from Sharp’s Book for Men Launch Party

by Time&Style Staff

Sharp magazine’s Book for Men launch party featured a dedicated space displaying some exquisite timepieces. Party-goers were free to try watches from the likes of Zenith, Bvlgari, Ulysses Nardin and Concord.

Head to SharpForMen.com to preview the Book and order a copy.

Images courtesy of Paul Koziorowski