Gc Watches Embraces the Spirit of Panama

by Time&Style Staff


Unlikely as it may seem, the Panamanian Bobsled Team will be competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics Qualification here in Canada. The South American athletes are led by Chris Zollinger, a Swiss-born lawyer who lived in Panama for 18 years before moving back to Switzerland to switch careers.


Metallic Watches

by Time&Style Staff


The gold standard in watches isn’t always necessarily gold.  more…

7 Days, 7 Watches

by Time&Style Staff


Like a pair of investment shoes, you might want to consider switching up your timepieces to keep them fresh and healthy. Spruce up your wrist game with these handsome watches. more…

Into the Blue

by Time&Style Staff


Blue’s popularity waxes and wanes among the world’s top watchmakers, and this year it’s back in vogue once again, with some of our favourite brands offering pieces to match the sky, the sea or your favourite pinstriped suit. Hermès has recently released a blue version of their nautical Clipper, which has a striking blue dial and matching rubber strap set on a durable steel and titanium case. (Hermès Clipper, $6,900)

Bell & Ross Unveils the BR03-51 GMT CARBON

by Time&Style Staff
BR03-51 GMT Carbon 2
Known for their range of rugged timepieces, Bell & Ross has always used the plane as a source of inspiration when it comes to aesthetic and design. Since their start, this has nurtured the development of their collections based on two things: AVIATION, through the use of aeronautical instrumentation, and VINTAGE, a collection of pilots’ watches that represent major eras in the history of aviation. more…

TW Steel Gears Up with the Yamaha Factory Racing Collection

by Time&Style Staff
TW Steel 3With its rich pedigree of sports-inspired watches, TW Steel has added four racing-themed models into its “Big in Oversized Watches” family. Boasting two Tech and two Pilot styles, the four watches proudly display the company’s reputable design aesthetic while at the same time infusing the very brand DNA and racing history of Yamaha Factory Racing and its current YZR-M1 bike into each piece. more…

The Legacy Continues with MB&F’s Legacy Machine No. 2

by Time&Style Staff
MB&F 7Drawing inspiration from some of the greatest horological masters of the past who experimented with dual balances (Ferdinand Berthoud, Antide Janvier and Abraham-Louis Breguet), innovative watchmakers MB&F have created the Legacy Machine No.2. The stunning timepiece has one movement, two escapements, with two Legacy-style flying balance wheels floating above the dial, and a planetary differential which transmits the average rates of those balance wheels to a single gear train.

URWERK Presents EMC, the World’s First Mechanical Watch with “Artificial Intelligence”

by Time&Style Staff

Urwerk 2

The first mechanical watch with “artificial intelligence”, URWERK has unveiled its highly anticipated EMC watch. When it comes to the precision timepiece, there exists certain criteria to ensure quality and accuracy. One such factor is the reliability and longevity of its base movement, including accuracy in 5 positions between -4 seconds and +6 seconds over 24 hours. However, due to real-world conditions that involve changes in position, temperature and shocks, regulation can be hard to monitor for wrist watches.

Iconic Timepieces

by Time&Style Staff

IconicThe watches in this feature have two things in common: they are iconic models from top brands and are reasonably likely to become collector’s items. Some are reproductions of vintage models while others are updated icons with improved engineering and new materials. Donning any one of them will identify you as a connoisseur of fine timepieces. more…

Hot Superwatches

by Time&Style Staff

SPW-1-textIt is no overstatement to suggest that what you are about to view is one of the greatest collections of superwatches ever assembled for a single photo shoot. Getting them all in the same room was the equivalent of a sports lover being invited to kick back with Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher and Tom Brady. Each of these timepieces possesses all the qualities of a top athlete: speed, endurance, power and great engineering. more…

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