Alpina Sailing Collection Chronograph: AL-880LB4V6

by Time&Style Staff
At first glance, the bright circles of colour wrapping themselves around the top of the hour mark of this watch seem to clash with the fairly stark face design.
But they’re there for a reason, and that reason involves owning a yacht (or pretending to own a yacht).
This isn’t just a watch – it’s also a regatta timer. Those dots are used to help sailors line up with the starting line of a boat race. As boats don’t do too well from a standing start, regatta sailors sail around beforehand then, ten minutes before the race starts, are told to get ready and advance to the starting line. That’s where the circles come in – they count down an interval of 10 minutes. So if you don’t own a yacht, the timer feature could always be an useful alternative to a egg timer.
The watch, available with a black or white face, is also water-resistant to 330m, which is either a handy feature on part of the designers, or an ominous warning.
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