Concord C1 Code Chronograph

by Time&Style Staff

The new Concord C1 Code Chronograph is designed to show off the intricacy of the mathematics of such a timepiece. Displaying the algebraic formulas for various parts of the watch right on the face, the mad scientist in anyone can certainly appreciate a rare look at watchmaking math. Case diameter and thickness, number of side screws, dimensions of the sapphire crystal are just a few of the formulas one can find etched into the underside of the crystal faceplate. A truly unique piece, as only 25 are being produced. Should be available any day now.

$15,000 : Buy

Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214

by Time&Style Staff

Luxury watchmaker Bulova is marking the 50-year anniversary of their Accutron line – and they’re doing it in style. Behold, the limited edition Spaceview 214, which will be available this fall. Though it wasn’t originally meant for commercial sale when it debuted in 1960, it marked the biggest breakthrough in watch technology in 300 years, and was the most accurate timekeeper to date. Couple that with the Spaceview’s transparent dial and patented tuning fork technology, both of which were incorporated into the original design, and retailers and potential buyers started demanding to have one for themselves. Fast forward 50 years and Accutron has now recreated that original look. If you’re interested, best to act sooner rather than later; there are only 1,000 numerically inscribed editions of the timepiece available, each complete with a stainless steel case, curved sapphire crystal and alligator strap.

$4,000 : Buy