Quantum Deconstruction: What makes a $480,000 dollar watch tick?

by Carol Besler

Photography by: Mario Miotti

The Concord C1 Quantum Gravity Tourbillon has more going for it than its long name, enormous case and astronomical price. It has something under the hood, and so it should for $480,000.

One, it’s a tourbillon, the most prestigious and difficult of all watch complications to produce. A tourbillon is always hand assembled, by master horologists only, and stands as a tribute to a brand’s watchmaking prowess. In a tourbillon, the escapement, consisting of balance wheel, hair spring and pallet forks, function inside a carriage (or cage) that rotates once every 60 seconds. The seconds hand in many tourbillons—and this one is no exception—is often therefore attached to the tourbillon cage.